I do my best to keep everyone safe and make you feel comfortable knowing that I use the following precaution measures:


  • Masks: There are a variety of face mask options that might be needed due to the nature of our therapy. Some have a clear plastic window where the mouth is, some have a full plastic face shield and others are full surgical or cloth masks. I choose the one that will be needed based on your therapy plan.
  • Shielding: A plastic standing shield can be put between you and me on a table. This gets disinfected before and after each session.
  • Handwashing: I wash my hands frequently as well as disinfect them when washing is not accessible. In the event that I actually need to touch you, gloves will be put on and removed when exercise is completed.
  • Distancing: We keep a 6 feet distance when possible in addition to the above precautions.
  • Temperature Checks: I check my own temperature at the start of each day and yours at the start of each session. I do not treat patients with active fevers just as I myself do not work when sick.

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